Bokhari x byHands Collection

Ten of ByHands’ talented illustrators have been allowed to express themselves freely on Bokhari’s new merch collection. The result is 12 exciting products, all made from recycled cotton with unique illustrations printed by hand with screen print.

We are proud of our collaboration with byHands, who represents some of Norway’s most talented contemporary artists. byHands works with both national and international assignments. The award-winning illustrators represent a unique breadth of skills and techniques. byHands was founded in 2010 and has since grown to become Norway’s leading agency for commercial and artistic illustration.

The illustrators involved in this initiative are Esra Røise, Frode Skaren, Jon Arne Berg, Julie Wilkinson, Kristian Hammerstad, Magnus Voll Mathiassen, Peter-John de Villiers, Robin Snasen Rengård, Sandra Blikås and Zarina Saidova.

All products are available for retailers – get in touch!

Click on the images below to read more about the illustrators and order the products.

Esra Røise tote bag

Frode Skaren - Oversized bag

Jon Arne Berg - Wine bag I

Jon Arne Berg - Wine bag II

Julie Wilkinson - Oversized bag

Kristian Hammerstad - Weekend bag

Magnus Voll Mathiassen - Oversized bag

Peter-John de Villiers - Backpack

Robin Snasen Rengård - Yoga bag

Robin Snasen Rengård - Accessory bag

Sandra Blikås - Gymsack

Zarina Saidova - Backpack