Inspired by Scandinavian design and traditional artisanship, we bring you textiles and interior products for a modern, conscious way of living.

The Bokhari Collection

Our own, exclusive collection of hand woven rugs, bed throws, bedroom mats, and knitted wash cloths. Designed by award-winning Norwegian designer Runa Klock. Limited edition and made from more sustainable materials. The Collection reflects our passion for quality, sustainability and design with a purpose.

Bokhari tote

Bokhari home

Traditional artisanship, modern design

Bokhari dialect tote bags and aprons

Our unique collection of dialect tote bags and aprons feature words and expressions from more than 70 different towns and cities across Norway.

We work with:

All our products are made from sustainable materials. We work with upcycled and recycled materials as well as natural materials such as water hyacinth (sea grass).

"This job has given me the opportunity to feed my family, provide quality education to my children and together create a brighter future"

Shabana with her children (Laiba, Moneba and Mubashar)

Timeless Scandinavian design

Education gives hope for the future