Design, materials and handicrafts

At Bokhari, Scandinavian design and Pakistani craftsmanship are combined in beautiful quality products. With a focus on creating lasting design, we draw inspiration from rich craft traditions, lush nature and renewable materials.

Through conscious design and responsible production, we create both quality products and decent workplaces.

Our products are made from reused, recycled and natural materials.


Bokhari initially gained attention with her fillers, but expanded and changed the collection from 2014, when renowned designer Runa Klock was brought in as creative director. Runa uses her knowledge, experience and passion to design products from the most sustainable materials possible. With us in the design work, we have a conscious relationship with which products we develop, how and who can make them. Each product should contribute to something more. The aim is to create quality products, with a long lifespan, which promote craftsmanship and help create jobs.


From the first fillerya, the very definition of reuse and sustainability, until today, we have always been focused on reuse, recycling and the use of natural materials. This guides our product development and helps inspire us to develop new ideas. Interior products woven from recycled cotton strips – a waste product from the local textile industry, carrier nets made from recycled cotton, and baskets made from water hyacinth from local riverbanks: we are always looking for new materials that tick our boxes.


Handicrafts have long traditions in Pakistan. From traditional hand-knotted carpets to carvings and ceramics, Pakistani craftsmanship deserves to be rediscovered. Our employees bring their experience and knowledge into each product. They bring an eye for detail to every step of the weaving of a rug, the knitting of a pot cloth, or the weaving of a basket. With us, there is no rush. Quality takes time. This is what makes each product unique.